We developed the first digital accessibility ecosystem that creates connections between people with special needs and the right facilities to best accommodate them.

Willeasy aims to become the biggest provider of objective and verified accessibility information, enabling large web and IT companies to implement new features based on our data, entrepreneurs to reach the customers best suited to them, and public entities to make their territories more attractive.

We have worked on Italy and now we aim to expand in Europe

We work towards a very specific goal: to take care of people and their needs.

Everyday lot of people waste a lot of time looking for information they can’t find. Because of the lack of information about accessibility of venues, 1 out of 3 renounces to move in fear of feeling out of place.

Why staying at home?

Willeasy helps people with specific needs to move consciously, with the assurance that their needs will be met wherever they go.

We believe all people, regardless of their physical, social and economic status, have the right to be able to choose where to go knowing where they can go.

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In three years, Willeasy estimate to offer new jobs for at least 500 people. Just in Italy.

Our Mission?
Make your life easier.​

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