An ecosystem around accessibility

We collect objective data and provide a to give you the informations you need to know if a place meets your specific needs

Why staying at home?

The project Will Easy helps people with specific needs to move consciously, with the assurance that their needs will be met wherever they go. Their needs will be met wherever they go.

We are starting from here

A guided audit application for fundamental and precise informations to know if a place meets your specific needs

To build an ecosystem

Who do we address to?

To you

Having a baby and needing to find a restaurant where you can easily enter with the stroller and which is fitted with a changing table.

Moving on a wheelchair and wanting to plan a holiday without the preoccupation about what you’re going to find in hotels and restaurants.

Having food intolerance and wanting to go out for dinner with friends being sure to find a suitable restaurant for your needs.

To the owner of structures

Owner of an activity tired to receive negative feedback from users who didn’t know your place wasn’t fit for their needs.

Wanting to attract new clients who will for sure feel at ease in your activity.

Wanting to know the real needs of their customers to better meet their needs and keep them faithful.

Wanting to increase their business.

To the public authorities

Needing an instrument to collect information about public buildings accessibility to implement PEBA.

Wanting to be transparent with citizens providing them with information about accessibility on public places.

Wanting to aim at touristic attractiveness by promoting the accessibility features of museums and points of interest.

The pilot projects

The team

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